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Lighting Control

SmartVolt is New Mexico's premier Smart Lighting Control expert. 

An intelligent lighting system is a foundation of the modern day smart home. Light has the ability to operate practically and aesthetically, and Lighting Control Systems simplify functionality while reducing energy costs and extending the life of lighting equipment.


SmartVolt designs, installs, services, and upgrades a variety of lighting control systems.


Even in existing homes that do not have lighting control, we have retrofit packages that make the addition simple and affordable, modernizing the lighting in your house.


Single button control over your lights and shades. Press a button to set the mood, another to shut off the lights when leaving home. Shades can raise to preset when the sun comes up - automatically!


Set the right tone of light in your home theater. You can even adjust your lighting with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant integration. Lighting control brings the whole home to life. 


Lighting keypads that look as good as they work. We design our lighting control systems around the aesthetics of your home. With a huge assortment of colors and styles, we've the aesthetics covered!

Aesthetics | Integration | Security

At SmartVolt we empower homeowners to utilize pre-programmed lighting themes.  Many of our systems feature various combinations of brightness, color, and shadow, which make each individual space alter in appearance when scenes change via simple single-press operation


Lighting control systems also link to Home Automation Systems and provide superior lighting affects for Home Theaters and Media Rooms.  SmartVolt can program themes for parties, seasonal lighting, dinners... whatever the imagination desires.


Lighting Systems work side by side with burglar and fire alarms.  In the unfortunate event of a home intrusion, the Lighting System can fill the home with light and flash key exterior lights to signal dispatched police and emergency response units.


During fire alarms, our systems automate all the interior lights to 50% so it’s easier to find your way out through smoke. We can even incorporate a ‘Vacation Mode’ that mimics your normal at-home activities while you’re away, adding yet another excellent feature that promotes a safe and secure home.

Safety | Controllability | Luxury

Living life with complete control and maximized command of one’s surroundings is optimal living at its best. 


Lighting Control Systems enable one-touch control over the lighting, making it possible for homeowners to adjust lights in any portion of the house with a single button press.  Properly designed Lighting Systems can operate equally from wall-mounted touch panels, remote controllers, smart phones and tablets, and even Alexa or Google Assistant. 




A Goodnight button  that lets you to turn off the lights throughout the home while creating a dim path in bedroom halls for the little ones, all with the press of just one button.

A lighting control system that is intelligently integrated with the other systems you have in your home. When you press goodnight, the entertainment systems shut down, the temperature adjusts, shades that were left open close, and your alarm arms itself for you. 

With our smart lighting design expertise, the control options are unlimited. 

What People Are Saying

Sal Cannizzaro

As the owner of an upscale residential and commercial property development firm, I recognize strength, vision, talent, and leadership. Seth Gatewood possesses these traits and I strongly recommend him to homeowners and builders.

I own an Old World style Mediterranean villa Estate, and the primary goal for the lighting system Seth worked on was a simplified living environment that aesthetically added to the homes Old World charm. Seth meticulously combined my requirements with his own expertise. The end results far exceeded my expectations. Seth sees things others do not, and this makes his talent stand out amongst others.

Seth also worked on other subsystems within my home. He’s talented in audio systems, video distribution, and home automation. Each task he completed in my home was accomplished exceptionally. Seth works efficiently and professionally, he’s a pleasure to work with, and is considerate and respectful of one’s home. In summary, I highly recommend Mr. Gatewood for your home technology needs. - Sal C.

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