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Luxury Smart Home Automation

Our Services

The expertise in our team is what makes our services possible. We are proud to be able to provide a world-class client experience. From basic to advanced, SmartVolt can handle it - start to finish!

TV Installations
We offer a variety of TV Installation Services to accommodate the different aesthetic and budget needs of our clients. We stock wall mounts, cables, and wall plates to ensure the best installation 
Smart Home
Enjoy total control over entertainment, comfort, safety, and ambience. Smart Home Automation simplifies technology and lifestyle, and SmartVolt helps get it done and we cater to every budget.
HiFi Audio
Get the best in HiFi Audio and Surround Sound. We use the finest in professional grade products to deliver awesome sound! We cater to both entry-level and high-end. Ask about our HiFi Audio Concierge.
Lighting Control
Add convenience, comfort and security to your home with a Lighting and Shade Control System. Manage lighting with controls programmed to your precise schedule and personal preferences.
Networks are a home's central nervous system. The ability to share information and allow computers and other equipment to communicate is critical in today's technology driven homes.
Security | Surveillance
It's more than security - it's piece of mind. Our easy to use security systems will give you that piece of mind when you leave home. After all, your family, home, and valuables are priceless!
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Home Theaters &
Media Rooms
There's nothing like a night at the movies, especially in the comfort of your own home. From simple to extravagant, SmartVolt can design and install the home theater or media room of your dreams.

Project Design Process


Our work together begins with a free consultation session where we meet with you to explore technology, control, and entertainment options for your project.


This can be fun! It's the part of the process where you describe the lifestyle enhancements you envision, and we recommend various technologies and products that match your needs and desires - and budget. Close collaboration at the start of the project ensures a smooth work flow process, and an end result that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Architecture Model Sketching
Design and Documentation

In the Design Phase, we take your wishlist and create plans and schematics for each phase of the project. In order to blend home entertainment and control systems into the environment, we strategically choose components that won't compromise the aesthetic design of your home. State of the art solutions do not have to be intrusive!

We'll also prepare specifications and requirements for cabinets, ventilation, electrical, etc. In order to facilitate a smooth and well-executed work flow, documentation is forwarded to everyone else involved in the project. 

Low Voltage Prewire

Arguably, the prewire is one of the most important parts of the process. This is the infrastructure of everything else. We wire homes with strict standards to ensure the absolute best performance. 


Typically all wires will run back to a carefully positioned central location, such as an AV Closet. We don't need to see equipment and wiring all over the house. At completion of the prewire we verify wiring and take photographs for detailed documentation. 

Trim Out
Image by Fatos Bytyqi

Once equipment has been installed, we load the control programming. Systems are programmed according to the scope of work. 

Our programmers balance technical know-how, user personalization, and ease of use, customizing control and interfaces to how you live. Whether you’re using a in-wall touch screen, keypad, remote, or smart device to control your system, it's going to be easy to use. We provide technology made simple!

Image by Proxyclick Visitor Management S
Client Care

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new system knowing that Smart Volt has you covered for the life of your purchase.


With our pre-packaged “Client Care” preventative maintenance plans, you can expect your products are always running at optimum performance. You already made the right choice with SmartVolt for superior solutions and top of the line products… make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them.

Once the walls are closed up with drywall we return to complete the trim out. In new construction, we return for this stage to "trim" out our wires with connectors, install wall plates, and install in-ceiling and / or in-wall speakers. To ensure a smooth installation, we also test all wires and connections to ensure a smooth installation. We're getting close!


In each any every phase of the project we are committed to the highest level of professional installation technique and relentless attention to detail. 


In this phase, things start to take shape. Now we begin installing equipment and connecting it to the proper in-wall wiring connections. As devices are installed our technicians use the previously created design documentation and scope of work. 

Checklists are used to ensure all SmartVolt standards are met and we complete several walk-throughs with the builder, other key trades people, and the client. 

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