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Best Outdoor Smart Home Ideas

If you love to entertain outside or want to upgrade your patio, garden, or outdoor space, smart technology is a great way to do it. Smart home technology is not just for inside the house. Smart home technology can be applied to just about everything, including your outdoor space.

Whether you want to automate your garden or listen to music outside, we have some great ideas to get your started. These are a few of the best outdoor smart home ideas to make your patio area awesome.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

The best way to enjoy your outdoor space at night is with great lighting. Installing an automated smart lighting system can make your outside safer, more convenient, and more energy-friendly. Imagine walking out to your backyard, and the lights coming on automatically. You can install path lights that turn on when you walk down a certain path, or you can even control them with your smartphone.

Do you want to control all your outdoor lights at once or make your front porch light turn off by itself at night? Homeowners love lighting up their yard, but running lights all night can be expensive. This is why smart outdoor lighting is so great. You can conveniently operate your outside lights while saving money with home automation.

Upgrading your outdoor lighting is much simpler than you think. With Control4’s wireless lighting solutions, upgrading your outdoor lighting is easy. Whether you want to upgrade all of your outdoor lights or just start small, we can tailor a solution specifically for you. We can help you make your outdoor lighting smart — even if your current system is outdated.

Smart Outdoor Speakers

If you love the outdoors and music, you need outdoor smart speakers. You should be able to take your music anywhere and everywhere. And by anywhere, we mean your backyard. If you love the great outdoors, you absolutely need speakers that can deliver epic sound in your backyard. Don’t settle for wires or bulky eyesores. If you want extraordinary sound in your backyard, outdoor smart speakers are the ideal solution.

Today, there are stylish, outdoor speakers that blend with your landscaping. You can enjoy the immersive sound of great music whether you’re inside or outside. Never miss a beat. You can control these speakers with an app or voice control. And when you’re ready to turn in, turn off the lights, and the music, all with the touch of one button.

Outdoor Television

Is it possible to watch TV while you’re outdoors? Absolutely! Today’s technology allows you to do everything you love to do indoors, outdoors. Want to watch your game while you’re grilling, you can totally do that. If you want to enjoy television outside though, you need to have the best TV for outside viewing.

Ordinary TVs aren’t made for outside use. They can’t handle the sun and heat, especially not all the sun we get here in New Mexico. Sunbrite is an excellent option for outdoor televisions. They can withstand temperatures up to 122°F and they’re designed for viewing outdoors.

They’re used in professional stadiums such as Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field. Sunbrite televisions have a much higher NIT count and contrast, which is extremely important when you’re watching TV outside. The higher contrast will make your display more vibrant, and the picture will be clearer and crisper. As bright as it gets here, this TV will provide you with the best outdoor entertaining.

Smart Security

It’s great to sit in your backyard and enjoy nature, but you also want to feel safe and secure. Smart security cameras, doorbells, and door locks, not only provide you with more security and safety, it’s convenient.

Smart security cameras, doorbells, and smart locks can provide you with peace of mind. Do you like to entertain? Invite your friends over to your house, because when they ring the doorbell you will see who they are and can let them in automatically.

You can even coordinate your smart security system with the rest of your smart home system. For example, when you activate your security system, the lights in your home can automatically turn off. You can also set it up so that when motion sensors detect movement, your floodlights come on automatically.

Some systems can turn your backyard lights on and off so it looks like someone is home when you're actually away. This automation feature is great for people who travel often and want to ensure their homes are safe while they're away.

Outdoor Smart Plugs

If you want to be able to add smart automation to your outdoors, but don't want to buy all new devices, consider using an outdoor smart plug. This plugs into any of your outdoor outlets and let you control whatever is plugged into it. So, if you wanted to automate any of your electronics outside, you can do that without them even needing to be “smart”. These are a really affordable and convenient way to add extra smart features to your outdoors.

letsThese are some of the best outdoor smart home ideas that you can incorporate into your outdoor space. Contact us today at 505-903-6911 to discover all the options in outdoor automation, audio, and entertaining.


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