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Build the Ultimate Man Cave with Smart Home Automation

The term "man cave" originated in the 1992 New York Times bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray. In the book, Gray explains how men and women respond differently to stress. While women tend to talk with friends about what's bothering them, men tend to mentally retreat into their own "cave."

Today, a man cave means more than a mental retreat. It’s not a place in your mind where you escape to or a basement where you hide out in. It’s a place where a man can go to relax and destress. And every guy wants his own ultimate man cave.

Today’s Modern Man Cave

Today’s modern man cave is the place where a guy can hang out with their fellow cavemen men, have a drink or two, and kick back. Since the concept was born, men have been dreaming up ways to make their man cave into a man paradise. With the help of smart home automation, any guy can build the ultimate man cave.

So, what features does the ultimate man cave have? It should have all the modern amenities of a great home theater, but with some extra stuff guys like. The seats should be comfortable, whether you're lounging or watching TV. The sound system should have excellent surround sound and quality HiFi speakers.

Your ultimate man cave should also have a TV, of course, the bigger the better, so that the guys can watch sports and other faves. Naturally, a bar and mini-fridge are must-haves. You don’t want to have to run to the kitchen when you’re chilling in your man cave.

You also need entertainment options. Like a gaming system, a pool table, vintage arcade games or a foosball table. And, if you really want to turn your man cave into the ultimate man cave you need smart home automation.

What does the ultimate man cave need?

The perfect screen for your space

In the past, a projector was the only way to get the ultimate viewing experience in your man cave. But today there are so many flat-panel televisions that provide the same high-resolution picture. Whether you decide to go with a projector or television in your ultimate man cave, the distance between the display and your seating is one the most important things to consider.

With so many options in display sizes, you can find a great flat screen for a small space or large space. However, if you're going for something epic, everyone must be able to see the action, no matter where they are seated.

To get the best quality sound and picture, we recommend a professional installation. We can help you find the best TV for your space and make sure it’s installed in the best, most secure location, where everyone gets the best viewing experience.

A great sound system

The ultimate man cave needs the ultimate sound system. In today’s modern man cave, you don’t need to have big cumbersome speakers that take up a lot space. No matter what size your space is, you can get incredible sound. Audio components from Marantz and Focal speakers are great for any man cave. They are compact, but still fill your room with immersive Hi-Fi sound.

Focal is the ultimate choice in speakers for the ultimate man cave. They come in a variety of colors so they will blend with your team’s colors or room’s decor. Whether you’re watching a game, a movie or listening to your favorite band, it will feel like you are actually there.

Cool lighting

Of course, you also need to light up your man cave. This is not a library or a study, you’re going to get loud and have fun here.Se t the mood in your room by adding LED strip lights along the floor or walls. You can add different colored lights to really make the room pop.

You also need smart lighting. Smart lighting is a must-have for any man cave. With smart lighting, you can dim the room with a voice command or touch a button or brighten it up without having to get up. This way you can darken the room for movie watching, or make it brighter when you need to see.

Control4 Smart Home Automation

With Control4, you can create an awesome man cave experience. Control4 works with your favorite devices to give you complete control over everything in your room. It even works with voice commands so you can control your devices without a remote.

Today’s modern man cave can have so many options. For example features like a smart doorbell means you can hear the pizza guy when he comes to the door. You can automate the lights to dim when the TV is turned on. Or, when you press pause, the lighting can automatically brighten. With Control4 and home automation, you can create the ultimate entertainment experience for you and your buddies.

If you’re ready to turn your space into the ultimate man cave, get in touch with us today at 505-903-6911 to discover all the options audio, entertaining, and smart home automation.


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