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Control4 When>>Then: Personalizing Your Smart Home Made Easy

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

There are so many reasons to add smart home automation to your home. A connected home adds security, convenience, and energy savings to your home, not to mention smart home technology is really cool. There are a ton of options when it comes to automating your home, but if you want a fully-integrated system, you need a professionally installed smart home system like Control4.

Control4 isn’t a bunch of individual smart devices. It’s one smart system that works through one control panel and can be used to create all kinds of home automation. Control4 works with thousands of brands and devices, so you can use it for every smart home feature you can imagine.

However, because it is a professionally installed system, your installer will create much of the automation for you. This is ideal for homeowners who are just getting started with home automation or who are not tech-savvy, but it can be inconvenient if you ever want to add a new feature to your home. This is where Control 4’s When>>Then Comes in.

What is Control 4’s When>>Then

One of the things smart homeowners love best about Control4 is how easy it is for them to use. Once the system is installed, you just push a button or use a voice command to control the devices in your home. But, let's say you want to add simple automation to your home and you don’t want to have to call your dealer. With a Control4 4Sigh subscription you can do that. When >> Then allows you to personalize and add automation to your home easily.

You can use When>>Then to update your home automation settings in your home without having to contact your dealer. For example, you can use When>>Then to change the schedule of when your lights turn on or off or change the music that is played when you press a button. It’s home automation made easy.

Here’s how it works.

Control4's When>>Then feature makes it simple for users to tweak or customize their Control4 system. To use it, you need a Control4 Sight subscription. When>>Then provides you with a library of When and Then actions. Then all you have to do is find the When action you’d like to use and select a Then action you’d like to happen when the “When” action is triggered.

Here are a few ideas of things you can do with When>>Then.

WHEN it’s 6 pm>> THEN turn the porch light on.

WHEN it’s 10 pm>> THEN initiate my “Good Night” scene.

WHEN it is dawn >> THEN open the bedroom shades.

WHEN it is dusk >> THEN close the bedroom shades.

WHEN the living room keypad button is pressed>> THEN Start my music playlist

Home automation is easy with a Control4 system. When>>Then is as simple as selecting a “When” action and pairing it with a “Then” action. This allows homeowners to add customization to their smart home without having to contact their dealer.

If you’re just exploring the world of smart home technology and trying to decide which smart home system to go with, Control4 is one of the best options. It’s completely scalable, which means you can start with one feature or one room, and add features to your system as you go along. And When>Then makes Control4 one of the easiest systems to personalize.

If you’re interested in finding out more benefits of Control4, or When>>Then, contact SmartVolt AV at 505-903-6911 or fill out our online form to get started today. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have or help you integrate your home with a Control4 system.

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