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Home Theater Audio 101: A Guide to Home Theater Audio

When designing a home theater, your choice of an audio system is equally as important as the size of your TV, projection screen, or the look of your space.

What does Hi-Fi mean?

Hi-fi or “high fidelity” is a term any audiophile has heard before. It used to be used to describe audio equipment that was able to reproduce music so that it sounded like the live band.

Now, the term’s evolved a little, but essentially it means that the sound you hear coming from your speakers sounds as if you’re actually there — like you are sitting at a concert, a sports game, or in the movie theater. If you want your home theater to have that kind of sound quality, selecting the right components and speakers is key.

Have you ever watched a movie with poor sound quality? It can ruin the entire experience. Great sound can turn a movie night into an outstanding cinematic experience. With the right sound system, you’ll have crystal clear dialogue, booming bass, and crisp treble. You’ll be able to enjoy your movies, games, and music even more.

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So let’s get into the options for the best home theater audio.

Focal Chora Home Cinema Loudspeakers

Focal’s Chora Home Cinema speakers are perfect for anyone who loves watching movies, listening to music, or any other type of media. With Focal speakers in your home theater, you’ll be able to hear the smallest details in your movies. You’ll never miss a whisper or have to rewind a movie again due to poor sound quality.

Focal provides a fantastic listening experience whether you’re enjoying music or television. They will provide you with the high-performance audio you’re looking for. All of Focal’s products are incredibly well-designed and will provide you with amazing high-fidelity sound.

When it comes to how you put your sound system together, you can customize focal speakers to fit your space. Each speaker in their collection provides a different type of sound experience. Combining their speakers will provide you with the best clarity and immersive experience. Not only will you be able to clearly understand the dialog, but you’ll also experience 360-degree sound with this system.

Marantz Audio Receivers

To have the perfect home theater experience, you need the right technology to create a seamless listening experience. This allows you to hear the fine details in your music or the action in a blockbuster movie.

Marantz audio receivers are the perfect blend of art and engineering. They are well-known for their exceptional sound quality. The HDAM incorporated into Marantz Hi-Fi components help set the brand apart from competitors, ensuring that you get the best quality sound. Their engineering produces a clean, clear, and dynamic sound experience.

Marantz receivers also come with Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & HEOS, which allows you to listen to music, or hear your game or movie from any room in your house. You can connect to Spotify, Pandora, and more. Plus, it connects seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, Sir, and

AudioControl Receivers

AudioControl’s high-performance AV receivers allow you to create an extraorinarity home theater experience. They deliver incredible precise, clear sound, with the power you need to create the home theater experience you’re after.

The Concert XR series supports Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced sound formats. It supports the newest audio/video components, with seven HDMI inputs that are compatible with 4K UHD and HDR playback.

But, what makes their receivers great for a home theater is their proprietary Dirac Live feature, which automatically adjusts frequencies to match the room so that music sounds as true and natural as it can be. The result is a better audio experience with more clarity, and precision for music and vocals.

Acoustic panels

Acoustical panels are yet another way to improve sound in your home theater. They can add the final touch to a great sound system. You might not think about this little detail when you're planning out your home theater, but it makes a world of difference. Consider this the final step in creating an immersive sound experience. This is the icing on the cake, that will make your home theater’s audio amazing.

If you are interested in experiencing the ultimate home theater sound, call the experts at SmartVolt AV today at 505-903-6911. Or, get started today and send us a message. We can help you select the best audio components and speakers for your home theater.


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