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Smart Home Security: From Smart Locks to Smart Cameras

Over the past decade, we've seen the smart home industry grow rapidly. Many trends have emerged in smart home technology, but the one category that has seen the most growth is smart home security. From smart locks and doorbells to smart video cameras, American consumers are interested in improving their home security.

The Covid pandemic is partly responsible for the rapid growth in this segment. Before Covid, most people used security systems for two main reasons — to protect their homes when they were away or to alert them to an intruder while they were asleep.

The smart home security market is the fastest-growing sector of the smart home industry.

With more people working from home, people became much more interested in seeing who was at their door before they answered it. This is one reason for the rising popularity of smart doorbells and locks. However, there was also a large increase in the number of homeowners who invested in other smart security features like smart video surveillance and remote monitoring.

Consumers are most interested in smart home security systems that are easy for them to use and also allow them to check on their homes remotely. All of these features are available with a Control 4 system, which can be integrated with other smart home features like voice control, lighting, and automation.

What smart home security features can you add to your home?

With a Control 4 smart home system, you can check on your home no matter where you are. You can receive alerts if someone tries to enter your home or if there is an emergency at home. If you're at school, work, or traveling, you can check on your kids when they get home. You can look in on your pets and respond to emergencies remotely.

Smart locks

Smart locks are more secure than traditional door locks. Smart door locks can be integrated with your home security system or be used as a standalone feature. They also allow you to have keyless entry to your home, which is a great bonus. Have you ever lost a house key or wanted to let someone access your home without giving them your key? Smart door locks can also be programmed to open for certain people, such as babysitters or housekeepers.

One of the best things about smart locks is that you can control them remotely. You can set them to lock automatically at a certain time, or you can use your smartphone to lock or unlock them. You can even use your smartphone to check if they're locked or unlocked! No matter where you are, you can rest assured that your home is secure.

Smart doorbells

While there are numerous options available in smart doorbells, Control 4’s Chime is one we highly recommend. It integrates with the Control 4 system and includes dozens of features to keep your home safe. This smart doorbell allows you to do more than just see who’s at your door when they press the doorbell.

With Chime, you can see what's going on at your door when you're away from home. You can even receive a video snapshot of the person at your door. The doorbell camera can be programmed to take action automatically when it detects movement. For example, it can record video or turn on the lights when a person is at your door. Plus it can be integrated with all of Control 4's home automation features.

Smart Security Cameras

One of the features homeowners are most interested in is security cameras and remote monitoring. Control 4 is a leader in smart home automation and provides advanced technology to monitor your home. Unlike other home security monitoring, Control 4’s security cameras can be integrated with the rest of your home automation. This allows you to do more than just keep an eye on your home.

You can check in on your home from anywhere with a wifi network and respond to emergencies remotely. If someone breaks in, your security system can alert you and snap pictures of the intruder. You can also set up your system to respond to emergencies automatically. For example, if an intruder attempts to break in, your exterior lights can flash on and off to alert neighbors that something is wrong, and your home security camera can snap a photo of the intruder.

Home Automation

In addition to security cameras, doorbells, and locks, your home can be programmed to do other things with Control 4. These additional features are not included in a traditional security system. Home automation allows you to program your home to appear occupied when you’re away.

With Control 4, you can automate your lights, your television, music, or other electronic devices to make it appear that you are home when you're away. It’s a great security measure for when you’re away on long trips and for days when you’re not home.

Get Started with Smart Home Security

We can design a smart home security system tailored to your needs and budget. Call us today at 505-903-6911 if you’re interested in home automation or smart home security. We can help you improve your home security and upgrade your home with smart home automation.


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