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7 Creative Smart Home Hacks to Make Halloween Extra Spooky

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Halloween is coming up. Why not use your smart home to create the most frightening house on the block? By using your Control4 system, you can make it seem like your doors are slamming, windows are opening and closing, and lights are turning on and off. And these are just a few spooky hacks you can create with smart home automation.

If you have a Control 4system and a few devices, you can create an insanely fun Halloween experience for trick-or-treaters. Use your home automation system along with some tips from us to make this year the scariest Halloween ever. You can also use your smart technology to make every nook and cranny of your yard scary and fun for visitors.

Halloween is the great time to show off all the tricks your smart home can do. Here are some awesome hacks that will make this Halloween extra spooky!

Play spooky screams and sounds throughout your home!

Spook your friends! If you have wireless speakers and a smartphone, you can create an exciting scene inside your home. Hide the wireless speakers in your Halloween decorations, and when guests walk past them, start the scene. Or even better, if you have a multi-room audio system and Control4, program an automatic scene to play. This is a great way to spook your friends when they enter your home or walk down a hall.

Create the perfect scary movie watching scene!

On Halloween, set the stage for a frightening movie night. What's a better way to spend Halloween than watching a classic scary movie? Once all the trick-or-treating is over, you can spend some quality time with your family and friends in the dark. Program your lights and decorations to turn off automatically, set the temperature to the perfect level, and you'll be ready for a night of fright.

Deliver the dread with a terrifying doorbell

What’s the best part of Halloween? It’s the trick-or-treating. Make your doorbell the most dreaded door to knock on this year by getting rid of your boring chime and swapping it with a scary one. Find some scary tunes or sounds like screaming, cackling, or a creaky door and change the tune on your doorbell. This is easy to do with most smart doorbells. You can do a search for a scary sound effect and replace your usual doorbell chime with a creepy one.

Digitally decorate your home

What is digital decorating? It’s a new trend that has captivated both kids and adults. A digital decoration is just that — an animation that you can project onto a screen, window, wall or TV. AtmosFX offers a variety of spooky decorations such as witches, ghosts, or skeletons that you can project onto a screen or wall.

A spooky Halloween light show is just a few clicks away. This animated projection will turn your home into a haunted house. It’s perfect for homes and businesses. All you have to do is visit their shop, choose your download, and then you can create your Halloween display. Your digital display can be projected onto a screen or displayed on your television. Imagine spooky ghosts appearing in your windows. Your home will look spooktacular!

Illuminate your yard with Halloween colored light bulbs

Smart lights allow you to decorate for Halloween in a new and exciting way. You can create a spooky path for trick-or-treaters using the color-changing bulbs or illuminate your entire front yard with them. Philips Hue offers a selection of smart lighting products that you can use to create your perfect Halloween home.

Impress your neighbors by programming your lights with your home automation system. Just plug them into a smart plug and create an automation using your smart home system or an app. You can also purchase a motion sensor to automatically turn on your lights and decorations when anyone walks by.

Use your intercom system to ghost and goul your guests

To scare your visitors, use your intercom system. Don’t just open the door, but take advantage of the intercom to build tension and mystery. After your frightening doorbell dings, cue the creepy conversation.

In a creepy voice say, “Who’s that knocking at my door? Are you here for a trick or a treat? Then play a sound like a creepy door opening as you answer the door. Using your cameras and intercom system allows you to have a little fun of your own this Halloween.

Automate your Halloween decorations

Smart plugs are a great way to automate your outdoors for Halloween. They're easy to set up, and you can use them for your Halloween lighting, inflatables, or outdoor decorations. This will not only make your home extra spooky, it can save you money.

Program your lights to automatically turn off at a certain time of night. You can also use smart plugs and motion sensors to automate your outdoor decorations. Connect inflatables to an app to create interactive effects like a ghost popping up when trick-or-treaters walk by.

Ready to experience all the perks of smart home automation?

Want to be the most popular house on your street this Halloween? We can help. We can also make your home comfier and safer for your family. Call us at 505-903-6911 to learn how to make your home a smart house.


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