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Transform Your Small Room Into a Home Theater

Do you have a small room that you’re not using or that’s filled with stuff? A lot of people have spare rooms that they use to store things. Why not transform your little room into something better, and make it a space that you will actually enjoy? There are a lot of ways you can convert a small room into a small home theater.

We’ve been helping people design custom home theaters for decades, and can help you transform your little room into a phenomenal home theater. Even if you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can still create a unique and awesome theater room. With some creativity and a little help, you can transform your room into a great room for entertaining. Here are a few pointers from us on how to do it.

Comfortable Seating

When you have a small space, seating can be limiting. But, you can create the illusion of more space by creating a tiered seating section. This will also make your room look more like a miniature theater. If you have the budget you can purchase tiers to lift your sofa or theater seats and create separate levels. If you don’t have a large budget and are handy, you can build your own tiers.

You can purchase seating designed for home theaters or you can use a small loveseat or sofa. Check around at second-hand stores to find one that will work in your room. A cute sofa with coordinating chairs is perfect for a small space. Raising them off the ground with tiers will make your room more exciting and more like a theater.

A great 4k Television

The next thing you’ll need is a great picture. If you don’t have a lot of room that’s okay. There are tons of excellent 4k televisions that will provide your room with a great high-quality picture without taking up the entire room. LG and Sony are two of the most popular brands of 4k OLED televisions, but if you only have a small budget there are other options. Vizio is a lesser-known brand, but it is an excellent affordable option. If you need help deciding which television would be best for your room, we can help you decide and help you install it.

Surround Sound

No home theater would be complete without a surround sound system. A surround sound system is the best way to experience movies and listen to music. You can hear your movie in perfect detail and catch all the fine nuances like the sound of leaves crackling under someone’s feet or the subtle whispers that are sometimes hard to hear with a traditional sound system.

Focal’s home cinema speakers are ideal for any small home theater. They give your room the best in high-performance audio and look great too. They provide superior sound quality and come from one of the best manufacturers of audio equipment. Setting up a home theater audio system can be complicated if you aren’t an experienced professional. We can help you decide which components make the most sense for your small room and help you install everything.

Smart lighting

The right lighting will make your ordinary room capture the look and feel of a theater. If you have windows in your room, add black-out curtains so the room is completely dark when you’re watching moves. Then add smart lighting so you can adjust the lights with a voice command. You can also program the lighting to brighten or dim automatically when someone leaves or enters the room. Smart lighting is the perfect addition to your space and can be integrated with the rest of your home.

You can add wall sconces to enhance your space, or LED strip lights along the floor to illuminate the room when you’re watching movies. When you’re done watching your movie simply use a voice command to turn the lights back on.

Would you like to transform your small room into a home theater?

At SmartVolt, we are experts in home theater design. We can help transform your ordinary room into an amazing home theater no matter what size or budget you’re working with. Contact us today at 505-903-6911 to learn more.


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