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"Invisible Speakers" Make Your Home Look and Sound Beautiful

Want to make your home more beautiful? With invisible speakers, you can make your home look and feel more beautiful. Not only will your sound system blend into your home seamlessly, but it will also deliver exceptional sound. Gone are the days of bulky speakers that make your home look terrible. Invisible speakers allow you to make your home and your sound system extraordinary.

If you love music, you’ll love the amazing sound that emanates from invisible speakers built into your walls or ceilings. There are many ways to achieve this, but we specialize in designing custom audio systems that blend in with your home decor. We can create a system tailored to your personal taste that sounds great and complements the interior of your home. Whether you like to entertain guests or simply enjoy music, you will love invisible speakers.

Why Invisible Speakers are so Popular

Technology has become incredibly innovative and sophisticated. You don’t have to settle for ugly or large speakers to deliver high-fidelity sound. You can get superb sound quality from a compact speaker that is just as good as a larger one.

Speakers come in a variety of colors and styles now. You can choose white speakers that blend in seamlessly with the wall, or you can choose a bolder color that will give your space a pop of color. Focal, the leader in high-fidelity speakers, offers speakers in gorgeous colors like metallic blue, British racing green, or ash gray. These speakers aren’t “invisible” but they are so attractive that they will add style and charm to any room you add them to.

You can also have architectural speakers built right into your ceiling or walls. They aren’t actually invisible speakers, but they are hidden so well that you won’t even notice them. These speakers allow you to enjoy high-definition sound without the visual clutter of wires and cables.

Today’s homeowners prefer simple, minimalistic design and hidden architectural speakers deliver just that. You can achieve the functionality of a high-tech system, and still, keep your home looking beautiful. In fact, if you love smart home technology, we can even integrate your sound system into your smart home. This way you get the benefits of amazing sound and smart technology all in one complete system.

Invisible Speaker Options

There are many ways to add invisible speakers to your home depending on your preference and budget. In-wall and ceiling speakers are the best option, but they require professional installation. Wiring is not something you should attempt to DIY. At SmartVolt we are experienced with all types of wiring and can ensure that your speakers are installed properly without damaging your home. You can also hide these speakers behind artwork or mirrors to make them completely invisible.

In Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are a superb option for creating gorgeous sound. These architectural speakers are installed into your ceiling and blend in with the decor. This way, people won’t even know they are there. Plus, if you have surround sound, these speakers allow you to create an incredibly immersive sound system that delivers sound from every direction.

Polk Audio offers a variety of in-ceiling speakers. These speakers are affordable and deliver high-performance sound. Polk is the leader in invisible surround-channel speakers, an award-winning innovation that provides your home with a theater-quality listening experience.

In-Wall or On-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers are another way to deliver invisible sound. If you pair these with in-ceiling speakers you can experience incredible sound coming from all directions. In-wall speakers are great because they add style and sound clarity to your home. When sound isn’t bouncing off the floor (like you get with floor speakers), you get a smooth, rich listening experience. In-wall speakers not only make your home more beautiful, but they also provide amazing sound quality.

Polk Audio offers a nice selection of clean white or black in-wall speakers, all at an affordable price. Focal, one of the best brands on the market, offers another option, on-wall speakers. These speakers are installed on your walls and don’t have to be mounted into the wall itself like an in-wall speaker. They come in beautiful white high gloss or black satin gloss finishes and they look stunning in any room.

Multi-Room Audio

If you have the budget, multi-room audio is the best way to make your home look and sound beautiful. A multi-room audio system allows you to enjoy music, sports, or movies throughout your entire home. Experience your favorite music from any room in your home.

The beauty of a multi-room audio system is that you can listen to more than one audio source from the same system. This allows you to stream different music through your whole home. If you want to listen to meditation music in the bathtub while your kids jam to kiddie tunes in the living room, you can do that.

A multi-room audio system requires professional installation. With SmartVolt, you can build a beautiful sound system and connect it to every room in your house or just a few. We work with a wide variety of brands and components, so we are sure to have something you will love.

Add Beauty and Style to Your Home with Invisible Speakers

If you are ready to experience the magic of invisibility, we can help. SmartVolt is the best at what we do, and we will make sure that you get a system that you absolutely love. We will help you design the perfect system for you and your needs. We will even show you how to use it before we leave! Give us a call at 505-903-6911 to schedule a professional installation.


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