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Smart Moms Love Smart Home Technology: Here’s Why!

Updated: May 9, 2022

moms love smart home technology

While many people think men are the primary purchasers of technology products — and they do love their tech — women are often the ones who make the purchasing decisions. And more moms are purchasing smart home products than ever. Moms love smart home technology, but for very different reasons than men.

Why Do Moms Love Smart Home Technology so Much?

According to a survey by Better Homes and Gardens, women, especially women 35 and under, view smart technology as a way to personalize their home. While they like the idea of incorporating technology into their home, they are attracted to smart home technology because it allows them to customize their living spaces. They like theway smart home technology improves the look, feel, functionality, and atmosphere of their home.

Moms Want Their Homes to Look Nice

Women and men have always had differences in opinions on what makes a living area look great. Guys love their huge flat-screen TVs and audio equipment, but moms like their living spaces to look neat, organized, and attractive. They have enough cleaning up to do and don’t want to look at wires, remote controls, and speakers cluttering up their living area.

Smart home automation allows the guys to have the cool tech stuff they want while keeping the living space attractive. While a home’s aesthetics might not be what comes to mind when you think about all the benefits of a smart home, this is a big reason why moms love smart home automation.

Moms love features like in-ceiling speakers. They’re awesome for a home theater, but they can also be used in the main living area or kitchen. This allows mom (and the rest of the family) to enjoy the sound of immersive music without having to look at speakers or a large surround sound system. With these discrete smart speakers, she can play music in any room and even play lullabies or tunes for the kids, all through a simple voice command. We have many favorites speakers - Focal, Dali, PSB, Definitive Technologies, Polk Audio, and more.

She Can be the Hostess with the Mostest

Of all the features you can have in a smart home, smart lighting is the one women love most. And, there are a lot of good reasons for this. Smart lighting is much more energy-efficient, which moms appreciate. But, smart lighting is especially useful for busy moms.

Here are a few things she can do with smart lighting. She can dim the lights with a voice command to set the mood for a dinner party or a family dinner. She can turn off all the lights in the house at once before starting movie night.

She can program the lights to turn on gradually in the morning, just in time for her coffee or shower. The lights can even be programmed to turn on or off automatically when she locks the doors. The possibilities are virtually endless. SmartVolt AV works with a variety of Lighting brands to ensure the best fit for your home. A few of our lighting offerings are by Lutron, Control4, and Elan.

Smart Lighting is a Win-Win for Moms and Kids

Entertaining isn’t the only reason moms like smart lighting. Smart lighting makes bedtimes with the kids easier. The hardest job of the day for most moms is the bedtime routine. Moms are tired after a long day. They look forward to the moment when their little one finally goes to bed. Finally, they get a minute to themselves.

However, bedtime can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the lights. Smart technology allows moms to handle bedtime without battles, making their life easier and bedtime gentler for their children. Automated lighting helps children fall asleep more easily, so you don't need to fight with your child. You can gradually dim the lights as they drift off to sleep. Eliminating the “lights off” battle.

If your children need to use the bathroom at night, you can use a sensor to turn on the hall lights automatically. This way, you won’t have to worry about them waking you up at night because the hallway is too dark. You also don’t have to worry about lights being left on all night.

Moms Love their Hands-Free Assistant

Moms love smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home. A smart assistant helps moms get the most out of their smart home. These virtual assistants allow moms to manage the home through voice commands. If her hands are busy, her smart assistant can help.

It’s worth noting that not all moms like having a smart assistant in the house. However, for those that love this technology, it's a useful tool they can use to control all of their smart devices and manage their daily tasks.

Smart assistants help moms get things done. From controlling the lights and television to playing music, these hands-free helpers make life more convenient — freeing up a mom’s time so she can get more done.

Moms Love the Security that Comes from Having a Smart Home

One of the most important features that moms love about smart homes is the safety and security that they provide. In fact, home security is the largest segment of the smart home industry right now.

According to, 70 percent of smart home consumers cite security as their main reason for buying smart home products. People, not just moms, want better home security features, including smart locks, security cameras, and smart doorbells.

Smart locks and smart doorbells are great features that allow you to have keyless entry to your home, without jeopardizing security. Smart doorbells allow you to see who is at the door before you open it. This is perfect for new moms. If a mom is about to put her baby down for a nap, she can silence the doorbell so that the baby doesn’t get woken up, but still be alerted when someone rings the doorbell.

Do You Know a Smart Mom?

These are the biggest reasons moms love smart home technology, but of course, every mom has her own reasons for loving her smart home. If you have a mother in your life that would benefit from home automation, we’d love to help make her home smarter. Get in touch with SmartVolt today at 505-903-691 to find out how to get started with smart home automation in your home.


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